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Welcome, this page is dedicated to Visual Basic, I want to focus this page in user Controls  and Class because it is a very important feature  and way of modern programming.

With Class and User Controls you can reuse your code.

Here's a practical example, when we need the user to input a number in a text box we basically write some code in the KeyPress event of the textbox to ignore values that are not numeric. Simple, but in a project that you need this future in a lot of different fields and forms you will have to do a lot of copy and paste to do this, not to mention a unnecessary multiplication of the same lines in different places of you project. The way to make a numeric only textbox described above as you guessed is the wrong way, the "Wright" way is to write either a class that handles the events of a textbox or user control so that you can reuse your code
in your projects. Hey I am a programmer, if a task is repetitive I just write some code that does some of the boring work for me!

News 01/07/2003:

The site is currently being redesigned, previously it used HTML frames but the future version will be based on HTML tables, also changed the look a lot, since the previous look was strongly based on the frames.
At the moment the the layout of this site isn't complete, not all the sections of the site are enabled, this is the alpha version of the final site.

New 02/07/2003:

Corrected some mistakes from the VB code conversion to html, corrected
a few glitches in the CSS. All the previous articles are available in the new layout.




Page Last Updated: 17-07-2003

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